Would you like to help protect the distinctive qualities of the Brookmill Road Conservation Area, an historic corner of South East London? Are you a long-time resident, or have you moved to the area attracted by the modest scale and unity of its architecture? Do you work in the area or simply enjoy visiting?

On this site you will find information about the history of Brookmill Road and its surrounding streets in the parish of St Nicholas and St John’s. You’ll also find details about the Brookmill Road Conservation Area Society established to conserve and enhance one of the significant heritage assets in the borough of Lewisham. You’ll find background about the area’s unusual ownership history and distinctive mix of low-rise buildings together with its characteristic roofscape, largely unchanged since construction in the mid to late 19th Century as accommodation for labourers, artisans and working people.

Whether you are a tenant, house-owner or anyone with an interest in supporting the purposes of the Society, you are welcome to become a member. See our purposes page for more information about what we do. Read about the history and key characteristics of the area we seek to preserve and enhance. Use the contact page to get in touch.

Deptford was historically an important town in its own right, growing up around and away from its naval dockyard, and strongly artisanal in character. Deptford New Town, begun early in the nineteenth century, and fully built up in the mid-Victorian decades, perpetuated the local dominance of ordinary working people. The area’s attractive streets of two-storey houses survive better than forerunners from earlier Deptford, and so carry great significance as a reminder of Deptford’s unique history. Peter Guillery, Senior Historian and Editor, Survey of London

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