Retrofit in Conservation Areas: These webinars took place in October and November 2021
Webinar 1: Introduction to Retrofit: Recording available here.

Webinar 2: Practical Solutions for Retrofit in Conservation Areas Recording available here

The webinars offer information about context, policy and planning, as well as practical approaches to retrofit for homeowners in conservation areas. The webinars have been organised by Brookmill Road Conservation Area Society in partnership with South London Community Energy (SELCE) and their Future Fit Homes division. The sessions feature expert speakers from Historic England, Arboreal Architecture and SELCE. London Borough of Lewisham gives a picture of the Council’s retrofit work to date. Although the focus will be on South London, principles are common to all conservation areas.

Online Talk and the 2021 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 7pm

Peter Guillery, architectural historian and editor of the Survey of London, spoke about ’18th-Century Artisans’ Houses in and around Deptford’. An authority on London’s evolving neighbourhoods, Peter says Deptford was “an important town in its own right, growing up around and away from its naval dockyard, and strongly artisanal in character.”

The Brookmill Road Conservation Area, located to the south in an area known as Deptford New Town, “begun early in the nineteenth century, was fully built up in the mid-Victorian decades and perpetuated the local dominance of ordinary working people. The area’s attractive streets of two-storey houses survive better than forerunners from earlier Deptford, and so carry great significance as a reminder of Deptford’s unique history.”

The Society’s 2021 Annual General Meeting followed the talk. The Chair’s report is available here. The minutes are available here.

The Society’s 2022 AGM was held online on 15th March followed by a talk by Architectural Historian and conservation expert, Kit Wedd. Entitled Development of the Victorian House and Why Its Conservation Matters Today, a similar talk can be purchased from the Victorian Society.

The 2022 Chair’s report is available here; the minutes of the AGM are available here.